Fun Fitness Options For Every Season

Most of us have seasons where we prioritize our fitness. Depending on where you live, maybe summer with swims at the lake or temperate runs are the perfect approach to wellness. For others, maybe winter with skiing and snowboarding is where you get in the most workouts. Regardless of geographic restrictions, it’s important to focus on your health year-round no matter what the season.

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If you live in an area that has four distinct seasons, it can be tough to transition every three months to a new beloved fitness option. Here are a few ideas to get started.


Try out ice skating. Unlike typical winter sports like skiing, ice skating is usually much more accessible (there are even rinks at malls!) and doesn’t require a big time or financial investment. If you’re new to ice skating, look for a beginner’s class for your age group. It’s also a staple
romantic date for a reason!

Build a mega snowman, and make snow angels. Yes, these are both popular options that are considered play for kids, but it’s a lot of work. Making a snowman,  especially a big one, requires a lot of pushing, strength and cardio. However, if you want pure cardio (and to give your muscles a rest), making snow angels as fast as you can is sure to warm you up and increase your heart rate.

Challenge yourself to a polar plunge. Polar plunges are popular fundraising events around the world, usually starting with a run of various distances to heat up the body followed by a plunge into icy waters.


Go berry picking. ‘Tis the season for berries, and if you’ve ever seriously undertaken this adventure, you know what a workout it can be. The types of berries and other fruits available this time of year varies by region, but you’re sure to harvest a delicious and healthy treat after working up a sweat.

Volunteer to walk dogs. If you don’t have a four-legged friend of your own, there are plenty of shelter dogs who would love to join you on a stroll. For a tougher workout, go with a bigger breed or ones that have extra energy.

Try Tai Chi in the park. You’ve seen it before, and maybe you’ve been intrigued (or wondered how anyone could pretend like nobody’s watching!). Tai Chi is a gentle yet challenging, ancient form of mental and physical training. Often held in parks in the spring and summer, you might be able to ask the instructor to join on the spot!


River hop. If you’re lucky enough to live near rivers or lakes, how many have you seen? Every available weekend or free day, check out a new destination and explore the trail, and go for a swim to keep your cool.

Join an eclipse yoga night. Check out August’s total solar eclipse on the 18th at one of numerous yoga stargazing parties around the country. If there’s not one near you, organize your own or practice solo! Recommended poses include half-moon and crescent pose.

Play some water basketball. Swimming laps can get boring so spice you your time in the pool by dividing your family into basketball teams. You’ll all be swimming and shooting so much you won’t even notice what a workout you’re getting and it will be a great way to stay cool in soaring temperatures.


Volunteer to rake leaves and pick up walnuts. Raking and walnut retrieving is tough work that requires strength and endurance. Volunteer to help friends and neighbors, and earn karma along with a workout.

Get lost in a maize. When’s the last time you visited a corn “maize?” Find one near you and get spooked, lost and a workout all at the same time. Bonus points if it’s muddy!

Join a zombie run. Whether you want to be a zombie or the prey, these fun autumn runs are available in a variety of distances and provide plenty of motivation to keep you running (and screaming!).

How will you get fit this year?

Author: Paige Johnson

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