Energetic Wellness

Subtle Energy Awareness

Reflexology is a science and form of alternative medicine based upon the concept that there are reflexes in the feet, hands, and ears that correspond with parts of the body, inclusive of all glands and organs.  It provides preventative maintenance by enhancing the subtle energy surrounding the body part in question by stimulating its corresponding reflex.  Though the practitioner may add some massage throughout the service, Reflexology is NOT considered massage.  Infinite Healing's trained therapists treat the reflexes on the feet solely.  Some benefits of Reflexology are:

  • increased circulation
  • nerve stimulation
  • promotes relaxation
  • help eliminate constipation
  • enhance energy
  • improve removal of toxins

Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique that promotes healing.  It is made up of two Japanese words, 'Rei' which means universal/transcendental/spiritual consciousness and 'Ki' (also related to Qi, Xi and Chi) which means life force energy or life energy - subtle energy.  Thus Reiki is considered Universal Life Force Energy or Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy.  

  • It is a powerful healing technique that promotes harmony within your TOTAL being - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. 
  • It helps to release blocked energy (which may be the cause of illnesses), promote relaxation, and reduce stress. 
  • It innately knows where to travel, within the body, to create balance.Practitioners practice under the Usui Reiki Method which can be administered one of two ways, in person or at a distant. 

'Hands on' Reiki
The treament is fully clothed and performed on a massage table.  Conducted by a 'laying of hands' on or above the body. 

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Subtle Energy is energy that is hard to measure in the sense that it doesn’t register on devices that measure electromagnetic fields.  It’s actually the

energy that governs life - providing instructions to our bodies’ cells.  In metaphysical circles, subtle energy is given many names – chi, ki/qi, prana,

life force energy, orgone, Universal Energy, the force and more.

Infinite Healing addresses this energy indirectly via our spa services and

directly via Reflexology and Reiki.